Our programs are designed to meet New York State curriculum and core standards. Programs are 30-45 minutes long and include demonstrations with live animals. We can tailor any program to meet your educational goals or age group, just ask! Click the link following any program description to download the lesson plan as a Word document. 

What’s Your Habitat? 

PreK – grade 2

You can guess an animal’s habitat just by looking at it! We’ll learn the clues to look for to help figure out where each animal lives. 

Curious Creatures 

PreK – grade 2

Animals use their 5 senses in a lot of different ways to help them survive. We’ll learn about animals’ senses of sight, taste, smell, touch, hearing, and even some senses people don’t have!

Feathers, Fur, and Scales, Oh My!

PreK – grade 4

With the help of a bird, mammal, and reptile friend, we’ll see how feathers, fur, and scales are adaptations that help these animals survive in the wild. 

Adaptations Across the Nations 

PreK – grade 4

Animals have adapted to live in different places all over the world! We’ll meet some animals from various habitats and find out how each is uniquely suited to live there. 

Animal Occupations

Grades K – 4

Every animal has a job to do in its community. We’ll learn how herbivores, carnivores, and decomposers work together to keep life going. 

From Bottom to Top 

Grades 1-4

In the food chain, energy is passed from one animal to another, connecting them all together. We’ll follow the energy and meet a group of animals that represent a real food chain. 

Desert Adaptations 

Grades 2-6

What adaptations do animals possess that allow them to survive in harsh desert environments? How do they obtain water? How do they deal with extreme temperatures? Find out in this specially designed program highlighting desert inhabitants. 

Nocturnal Animals

Grades 2-8

Discover the creatures of the dark and what adaptations they possess that allow them to be active at night. 

Native NY Species

Grades 4-12

Embrace the animal diversity that exists right outside your window.  Meet some of our native education animals and learn about their biology and population status in our area. 

Birds of Prey

Grades 4-12

Our birds of prey are the perfect creatures to discuss unique, highly-evolved adaptations for hunting. (Warning: students will not be allowed to touch the birds). 

Which Niche?

Grades 5-12

Every animal has a very specific place in its community. We’ll learn about niches and how they help ensure the survival of the entire ecosystem. 



Endangered, not Extinct

All ages

Endangered animals need our help to avoid becoming extinct! Students will be introduced to several endangered animals and learn about the factors that threaten their survival, plus what we can do to help protect them. 

Biodiversity Blitz (BRIM)

American kestrel

All ages

We’ll meet a wide variety of animals and find out how each group is unique and important. This program will include one animal each from four of the following five groups: mammals, reptiles, birds, amphibians, and invertebrates. 


All ages

What makes a mammal a mammal? Find out in this fun and furry program!


All ages

Scaly skin, cold-blooded, leathery eggs… it must be a reptile! Students will meet four different reptiles including a snake, lizard, and turtle and find out what makes them similar and unique.


 Don’t see what you’re looking for? Our excellent educators can create a program tailored specifically to your curriculum! 

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Group Rate for Education Programs:

$4.50 | Child

$6.75 | Student or Adult over 12