Please complete the following form for all donation requests.

Please submit your request at least 30 days in advance.

Eligibility Requirements:
Donations must benefit non-profit organizations with tax exemption under Section 501c(3) or (6) of the
Internal Revenue Code which are considered charitable, civic, educational, recreational and/or receive
the majority of their support through outside funding. Requesting entities must conduct activities in a
community, or within an adjacent community, the New York State Zoo at Thompson Park operates (Watertown, NY).

The New York State Zoo at Thompson Park will NOT consider contribution to the following:
• for profit organizations;
• religious groups
• individual teams or sports organizations that do not benefit a large segment of the community;
• individuals or organizations seeking funds for personal or individual endeavors
• individuals, groups or organizations that are not representative of the communities NYSZoo serves.

Absolutely no cash donations.