Wolverine | Valentine

Wolverine (Gulo gulo)

On exhibit: Valentine is our 9 year old female wolverine. She can be viewed during the cooler days or first thing in the morning.

Diet: Carnivore; predator/scavenger

Average wild life span:
7-12 years

Shoulder height: 14-18 inches (36-45 cm)

Average weight: 18-31 lbs (8-14 kg)

New York State status: Extirpated. Wolverines are not currently found in New York State, but they may have once lived here. Wolverines’ solitary, secretive behavior makes them difficult to study.

For more information on research efforts worldwide involving the wolverine, check out http://wolverinefoundation.org/.

The Wolverine exhibit at the New York State Zoo at Thompson Park is sponsored by:

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