Our Otter boys are named Ricky and Otis.

Animals at the Zoo

Although not registered as endangered, River Otters have been severely reduced in population due to water pollution, trapping, and habitat loss. They have been completely eliminated from many states that, at one time, had flourishing populations. 

River Otters eat mainly fish. They also substitute their diets with crustaceans, mollusks, insects, birds, oysters, shellfish, crabs, crayfish, frogs,rodents, turtles and aquatic invertebrates.

The North American River Otter is found in rivers, streams, wetlands, marshes, and lakes across the northern US and Canada.

Many people don’t realize that river otters excrete a very smelly substance that gives off a musky scent. They have webbed feet and slender bodies with slicked fur that allow them to move very quickly through water and marshy areas. 

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