Ninja is our resident Mountain Lion. He is often observed sunning on the rocks in his habitat. 

Mountain Lions are also known as cougars, pumas, catamounts, and panthers. 

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Although their populations are known to be decreasing, the Mountain Lion has yet to be classified as endangered. 

Mountain Lions have an incredible range – they are found as far north as Canada and as far South as Argentina. Despite their ability to adapt to various climates and habitats, they do not have a self-sustaining population in New York State. The last known population existed in the late 1800’s. Some sightings have occurred, however they are always non-native to the state. The DEC receives reports of sightings many times per year, although they are usually mistaken. 

As opportunistic eaters, mountain lions spend most of their time hunting from dawn until dusk – and sometimes well into the night. They eat an average of one deer every 12-14 days. They will also sustain themselves on smaller animals like porcupines, domestic animals, raccoons, and rodents.

Mountain Lions are also commonly known as cougars, pumas, catamounts, and panthers. They are the largest feline found in North America. 

They are extremely terrirorial and will avoid others except to mate.