Things to do in watertown ny Zoo

The New York State Zoo at Thompson Park is home to two grey wolves- Kaja (white female) and Keenai (grey male).

Kaja and Keenai are lifelong mates and together have had 4 litters of pups.

Like in the wild, Kaja and Keenai can often be heard howling from far away. Howling is a form of communication that tells other packs of wolves that this territory is spoken for. 

Wolves are considered to be “Population Stable” which means that they are neither increasing nor decreasing at an alarming rate.

Wolves are present throughout nearly all of North America from Alaska, through Canada, and down into the Northern United States. There are also known populations throughout Asia.

Wolves are predatory animals and are known to hunt in pairs or packs. They identify the location of prey based on scents in the air and wind. 

Wolves have been seen taking down animals as large as moose or buffalo, but most commonly enjoy more modest meals of rabbits, beavers, and rodents. Wolves have a sorted history with humans – gaining their stigma as terrible creatures from farmers who would often lose their herds of cows or sheep to wolves. 

Although hunting prey is done in groups, once the target is acquired, wolves claim sections of the feast and carry it to eat by themselves. A single wolf can eat as much as 20 pounds of food in one sitting!

Wolves coats can vary in colors from snow-white to dark black. They are one of the larger species of canines, and are famous for their fluffy coat and tall pointed ears.