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Bobcat (Lynx rufus)

On exhibit: Pandora is our young female bobcat who is very energetic during the cool morning hours. Pandora is a non-releaseable bobcat who could not survive in the wild.

Diet: Carnivore; small mammals and birds

Average wild life span: 6-12 years

Shoulder height: 1-2 feet (0.3-0.6 meters)

Average weight: 14-21 lbs (6.4-9.5 kg)

New York State status: Common. Although rarely seen, bobcats live throughout New York State. They are nocturnal and tend to avoid populated areas. One way to determine if there are bobcats on your property is by using a motion-activated camera.

For more information on Bobcats in New York State, visit

The Bobcat exhibit at the New York State Zoo at Thompson Park is sponsored by:Community Connections - WWNY

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