• This Holiday Season, our animals are settling into their winter habitat right here at the Zoo! 
  • As their caretakers, it is our job to keep them safe, warm, healthy and happy. Please help us this Holiday Season by joining our Angels for Animals
  • Toys and Enrichment (To keep us active and happy!)

  • Scent Ball (Val – wolverine)                                                  $250
    Holey Moley—Vulture                                                           $200
    Sphero (Pandora – Bobcat)                                                   $150
    Home Alone extra large (Luna -Wolf)                                    $150                           
    Pecca Balls (Ninja – Mountain Lion)                                      $130
    Ungulate Food Balls—ELK                                                   $110
    Likit Boredom Busters                                                           $45
    Bird Habitat Toys                                                                   $ 25
    Cow bells & small trampoline (goats)
  • Habitat Needs (for our winter homes)

    Storage Building for our Mules                                              $ 3,000
    Hay Buddy (Elk)                                                                     $750
    • Back Scratcher (The Bears)                                                  $500       
    Reptile Habitat Enhancement                                                $ 440
    Fast Cat Running Wheel (Ricky & Otis – otters)                    $350
  • Heated perches (We need 3!!)                                               $50
    Otter Float                                                                              $120
    Ceramic heat bulbs and fixtures (to keep us warm!)              $35
  • The Following items are also needed by our caretakers so they can care for us during the colder weather!
  • Items can be dropped off at the Zoo or at Stephens Media Group (FROGGY, Z93), 134 Mullin Street
  • Snow shovels 
    Ice choppers                                                                           
    Simple Green, Pro 5                                                                          
    Dawn dish soap                                                                                  
    Laundry Detergent                                                                             
    Sharp Knives                                                                          
    Hot hands and feet                                                                             
    Work Gloves                                                  
    Wool socks                                                                
    Nikwax glove proof x3          
  • Safety Glasses
    Heavy duty flashlights with rechargeable batteries                                                               
    6 Liter dish tubs                                                                                 
    Never Wet                                                                                          
    Ski Masks                                                                                           
    Kane Pig Boards
    Heavy Duty Bungie   
    Fleece blankets and towels
    Long johns

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