This Holiday Season, our animals will be settling into their winter-time habitat right here at the Zoo!  As their caretakers, it is our job to keep them safe, warm, healthy and happy. Please join us this Holiday Season by becoming one of the Angels for Animals

  • Toys and Enrichment (To keep us active and happy!)

  • Scent Ball (Val – wolverine)                                                  $250
    Holey Moley—Vulture                                                           $200
    Sphero (Pandora - Bobcat)                                                   $150
    Home Alone extra large (Luna -Wolf)                                    $150                           
    Pecca Balls (Ninja - Mountain Lion)                                      $130
    Ungulate Food Balls---ELK                                                   $110
    Likit Boredom Busters                                                           $45
    Bird Habitat Toys                                                                   $ 25
    Cow bells & small trampoline (goats)
  • Habitat Needs (for our winter homes)

    Storage Building for our Mules                                              $ 3,000
    Hay Buddy (Elk)                                                                     $750
    • Back Scratcher (The Bears)                                                  $500       
    Reptile Habitat Enhancement                                                $ 440
    Fast Cat Running Wheel (Ricky & Otis - otters)                    $350
  • Heated perches (We need 3!!)                                               $50
    Otter Float                                                                              $120
    Ceramic heat bulbs and fixtures (to keep us warm!)              $35
  • The Following items are also needed by our caretakers so they can care for us during the colder weather!  Items can be dropped off at the Zoo or at Stephens Media Group (FROGGY, Z93), 134 Mullin Street

  • Snow shovels 
    Ice choppers                                                                           
    Simple Green, Pro 5                                                                          
    Dawn dish soap                                                                                  
    Laundry Detergent                                                                             
    Sharp Knives                                                                          
    Hot hands and feet                                                                             
    Work Gloves                                                  
    Wool socks                                                                
    Nikwax glove proof x3          
  • Safety Glasses
    Heavy duty flashlights with rechargeable batteries                                                               
    6 Liter dish tubs                                                                                 
    Never Wet                                                                                          
    Ski Masks                                                                                           
    Kane Pig Boards
    Heavy Duty Bungie   
    Fleece blankets and towels
    Long johns