Zoo at Thompson Park Open for Holiday Fun

Zoo at Thompson Park Open for Holiday Fun


Watertown, N.Y. (December 20)— The New York State Zoo at Thompson Park is opening its doors to individuals and families for the holidays. Special Hours will begin December 26th, the day after Christmas – and end on December 31st. Hours will be from 11:00 am until 3:00pm.


Visitors can expect to see active animals – especially if there will be snow in the forecast. “The best time to visit the zoo is actually just after a fresh snowstorm” says Zoo Director, Lesley Clark. “The animals are just coming out from hiding as they begin to explore their new environment and play in the sparkling snow… it’s really quite magical.” The only animals at the zoo that might be difficult to see are the black bears – as they partake in a hibernation-like state called torpor (more info).

In addition to the extra hours, the zoo is putting together special programming for young children and their families to partake in while they visit the zoo. Keeper Chats will be occurring each day at 1:00pm. STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) activities will be available for children and their families in Guest Services to partake in as they please. Activities include things like Recycled Materials Building, Q-Tip Painting, and Origami (Please visit the Zoo’s Facebook page for full details). An Endangered Species of New York State scavenger hunt will also be taking place throughout the week. All special programs during the Holiday Hours are included in the price of zoo admission.


The zoo also welcomes snowshoes and cross country skis for those looking to add some scenery to their adventure. The back trail will be left unmaintained for this purpose.




About New York State Zoo at Thompson Park:

The Thompson Park Zoo is dedicated to providing natural world experiences that foster an appreciation of the Empire State’s ecosystems through conservation, education, scientific study, and responsible recreation. The 32-acre zoo is home to abundant threatened or endangered animals, including wolverines, bears, eagles, mountain lions and more. The zoo attracts nearly 50,000 visitors per year, is supported by over 800 member households, and reaches nearly 35,000 people through education programs. The Thompson Park Zoo continues to move forward inspiring conservation, education and family oriented programs. For more information, call (315) 782-6180, visit www.nyszoo.org, or e-mail info@nyszoo.org.

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