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Lynx on a log at the NYS Zoo


 Become a Zookeeper

By request, 8-10:30 am

Ever wondered what it would be like to work just feet away from mountain lions, wolves, black bears or eagles? Have you ever wanted to see and experience what goes on behind-the-scenes? Well here’s your chance to get a peek at true Zoo life accompanying those who know it best, the keepers! Your honorary morning as a keeper will let you see all that it takes to get the Zoo up and open for the public as you take part in the cleaning, feeding and shifting of animals onto exhibit.

So “come and get it!” – a taste of what the career of a zookeeper is really like!

This unique opportunity is available on the weekends to those ages 11-15 (accompanied with an adult) and up (so adults, you too can come and satisfy the ‘kid curiosity’ in you). For more information and/or to schedule your weekend morning keeper career experience call the Education Department 315-755-0896.


Cost: $80, Members recieve a 20% discount. 

If parent is required to attend, there is an additional $20 fee.

Minimum of One-Week Advanced Registration and Payment Required.


Visit the New York State Zoo Today (315) 782-6180

What Visitors Say

The North Country's best Summer destination.

- Alan, Watertown, NY